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We Sale Many Kind of Motorcycle ThreeCycle with Cargo. ( Motor Roda Tiga Montrada) from PT. Majubersama Surya Indah Motor - Phone: 71103883 / / 08158861053

Info, Photos, Engine Specification, Price List, Contact Person: www.BursaMotor.co.nr

PT. Majubersama Surya Indah Motor
Jl. Kamal Muara IX No.5, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14470, Jakarta - Indonesia
Website: http: / / www.motorrodatiga.byethost6.com
Contact Person: Edi Setiawan / / 021 7110 3883 / / 0815 886 1053

Motorcycle ThreeCycle Montrada ADVANTAGES:
1. The size of a large tub for carry loads more.
2. Tubs that can be opened to the third position, making it easier to raise and lower the load.
3. Using a framework of " Dragon Frame " a sturdy and strong.
4. Proven quality and quality.
5. Equipped with manual hydraulic Bak, Bak can be removed ( such as the Dump Truck) , simplify as maintenance.
6. The tub can be opened to the side ( left-right-back) , easy raising and lowering the load.
7. Equipped with back light that lights up when the reverse gear position.
8. Speedo-meter equipped with Digital Gear Position and easily legible.
9. Equipped with side protector to protect the riders legs.
10. Parts are easily obtainable in the local market.
11. etc.

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